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Controlling Mosquitoes the Natural Way

Mosquitoes can be a problem during the summer evenings, and so finding safe and natural ways to protect yourself from them can be a blessing.

Mosquitoes have a natural insect predator in the form of the Dragonfly. Dragonflies eat Mosquitoes, primarily by catching them in flight, by the hundreds every day. They are an effective weapon against the threat of disease-carrying mosquitoes, so much so, that it is a good idea to try and attract them into the habitat of your garden. Dragonflies will act like bodyguards to you, following you around and picking off Mosquitoes, bees, butterflies, ants and other small creatures.

Mosquitoes have a phenomenal amount of sensory skills which help them detect a good meal from afar. They want blood and the best blood they can get. Only the female of the species actually bite humans, gorging themselves until they are full. If the female is not disturbed when she is feeding, then she will take the full limit of blood which she can before leaving. In the grand scale this will not be a great deal, it won’t be like donating a pint of blood, but the implications of being bitten by a mosquito can be a lot more serious because of the diseases which they carry.

Mosquitoes, through their blood sucking ways, can carry fatal diseases such as Malaria and Yellow Fever. Other serious viral infections can also be caught from being bitten by a Mosquito, such Encephalitis and Dengue Fever. There are Filariasis worms which can be carried and transmitted by a Mosquito. These are parasites which cause severe bodily swelling.

If you have a water garden, then you will likely have Dragonflies present already. Mosquitoes too are attracted by standing water, but the Dragonflies can pick off the Mosquitoes at their leisure. While they are truly bugs that control Mosquitoes, it is unlikely that they will be able to control a large population on their own in your back garden. According to, Dragonflies fly around so much and are not going to stay where you want them to.

The best thing you can do is make your garden unfriendly to Mosquitoes. This can be done by removing all standing water threats, places where Mosquitoes will breed. This can be old watering cans left standing around, blocked guttering, old tyres and even birdbaths. Change the water in a bird bath once a week to keep it fresh, and eliminate all threats. Any pond should be able to naturally deal with Mosquitoes, as fish will likely eat larvae laid on the surface, frogs and toads eat Mosquitoes. and there will probably be a friendly Dragonfly around looking for a meal. Keep grass cut low too, for Mosquitoes like resting during the day in long grass.

As far as bugs that control Mosquitoes go, the work is left to the Dragonfly. Leaving spider webs intact can also help, because they will happily catch and eat Mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes do have other predators in bats and certain types of birds like the Nighthawk and Purple Finch. While all of these other creatures combined will help to reduce the count of Mosquitoes around, there will still be a serious need to protect yourself from them. Use screens on windows and doors, and wear longer clothing if the weather permits. The threat from Mosquitoes is at its largest between dusk and dawn, so try and keep out of areas where you know you will likely be at risk, and when travelling abroad, be fully prepared with repellents.